Furniture Customization

At Maywell, every piece of our furniture is customized to best suit most of our living spaces. We provide personalised design and customization to match each individual requirement and need. You can tag on us to unleash your innovation and creativity in design. 

From simple yet significant to complex yet functionable, we build up your design pieces accordingly. With our internal manufacturing factory, we select our raw materials from reliable sources, and handcraft your creation to perfection.

Furniture Carpentry

Carpentry is the art and craft of making and constructing objects out of wood. Furniture Carpentry deals with the primary work of measuring, cutting, shaping and installation of wood to form a piece of furniture. There are two main carpentry work. The first is to construct and build furniture while the second type is more on handling repair work. Here’s some of our work.

At Maywell, we usually utilise natural wood to customize and construct the beautiful furniture for our clients. You can definitely rely on Maywell. Our skilled carpenters are armed with years of experience to deliver the desired quality service at affordable rates to meet your needs.

If you are looking for design consultation and customization of your furniture, Maywell is pleased to offer you our service.