Individual landscaping design does not have a fixed formula. Every project is an experiment with nature and through nature to make an original statement. 

At Maywell, we bring nature closer to your living space. Non structured planting design patterns with unique sculptures shall uplift your indoor and outdoor green space.

Our outdoor sculptures made with volcanic stones create a natural green moss effect over time. Moss is a tiny nonvascular land plant which reproduces by spores. It grows extremely well on moist stone surfaces which is generally porous. Filling the landscape with such green creation gives one the feel of carpet effect. 

Lotus flower pot is another signature from us. Natural clay moulded flower pots can be used as water features or potting. Water is believed to hold the power of abundance. All living spaces need greenery and water to liven up. We introduce this independent lotus pot to outdoor space. Zero maintenance is required for such a water pot.

Maywell team will provide you with a full landscaping service. From consultation, purchase of soil and plants, onsite setup and final tips on maintaining your landscape.