Living With Nature: How Home Styling Should Include Nature Into It? The Importance Of Green In Every Home

Living With Nature: How Home Styling Should Include Nature Into It? The Importance Of Green In Every Home

With technology creeping into literally every part of our lives, the need to slow down and reconnect with our mother nature is becoming more important than ever before. And one of the best ways to do it is by using green decor at home.

Incorporating a dash of nature into your home can undeniably make for a tranquil, serene, and healthy atmosphere. Besides being very beneficial for your mental wellbeing, decorating with natural elements is also stylish and be budget-friendly – whether you want a complete home transformation or a few green touches to complete a look.

In this article, we’ll talk about the many benefits of using nature to decorate our homes, along with a few great ways to do it efficiently. Let’s get started.

Fresh And Fantastic – The Benefits Of Green Decor Explained

Using nature to beautify a home is not a new idea – people have been doing it for generations. However, in recent years the growing urban lifestyles and a renewed focus on earth’s dwindling resources have put the need for green home decors again into focus. The fact of its brilliant aesthetic certainly helped as well.

In any case, the infusion of nature into your home certainly brings with it – as we said earlier – a ton of great benefits. They may include

  • A stylish and timeless aesthetic, adding character to your home
  • Sustainable and durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Surrounds you with peace and calmness
  • The “unique” factor is high
  • Healthy in every way
  • Helps preserves the environment
  • Improves home air quality

And many more…

You see, the green trend is here to stay. And a big part of the allure is the rich textures and “raw” vibe it brings to the table. It’s the perfect antidote to help counteract the sterility of the concrete jungle that most of us now live in.

Natural home decor comes in many forms, the most commonplace one is the humble old plants, but that’s just the beginning. Below, you’ll learn about the top ways to bring nature back into your abode and life with ease. Read on.

Top 5 Ways To “Nature-Fy” Your Home With Green Styling – Get Inspired Today!

Whether you are updating your entire home with natural decor or just a room or two, the below featured green design inspirations are sure to help.

The Livingroom

Being the heart of the home, positivity, and calmness should define this room. Wooden tables and chairs (preferably unpainted) will go brilliant in this room. And so is having a green plant (non-flowering) to freshen up the air.

Sunlight is your friend here. Go for large windows and doors to get plenty of sunlight in your living room. The warmth it brings adds energy and healthiness to the space while also saving you money with the lighting needs. With your walls and floors, you can go for wood or natural rocks – both work amazing in every setting. You can also accessorize the room with wooden handicrafts like baskets, shelves, art pieces, and aquariums.

Personally, we’d advise you to go for muted, natural colors and rustic textures in this room. This aesthetic coupled with the nature add-ons are sure to make your living room a cozy paradise.

The Bedroom

This is an easy one. Go for simple, wooden bed frames, photo frames, natural fabrics, and a bit of greenery via fresh flowers here and there, and you’re halfway done. No bright, vibrant colors here. Go for muted colors or white/grey tones. Make sure to keep furnishing to a minimum as well.

Green decor-wise, a woven rug (jute, linen, and palm) or a faux fur throw pillow can go long way here. You can also experiment with plants of every size (flowering and non-flowering). Wooden floors and handcrafted bedside tables are a crowd favorite, and so is displaying natural and found items like interesting pebbles, shells, pine cones, etc.

This is YOUR personal space so it’s fully up to you (and your partner?) to personalize it to your liking. Whatever you do, make sure to bring in tons of natural sunlight as a design element here as it will help you wake up fast and rejuvenated every day.

Dining room

Go big on the green with a wooden made dining table, chairs, and other furniture. For best results, contrast the grain textures and wood colors into a harmonious design. Ample lighting is needed here as well. Go for warm tones and vibrant colors to lend it a perky, sociable atmosphere. Metal-made decor add-ons will obviously go well here as well.

Traditional clay pots, wooden spoons and plates, and other green kitchen utensils are highly trending these days. Pair them with a beautiful hand-weaved rug and you’ll be golden.


Being high in humidity and moisture, it can be tricky to introduce nature into this space – but not impossible. You can invest treated wooden panels (like a sauna) for walls and floors, glass shower walls, wooden cabinets, and shelves, etc. You can also erect a green wall with stacked plants inside if you prefer that kind of “forest” aesthetics.

Greenery aside, other natural options that can help spruce up your bathrooms include scented candles, clay diffusers with essential oils, seagrass storage baskets, the list goes on…

Introducing Nature Elements To Home – Some Bonus Tips

Just like plants, nature-inspired artworks can help a lot to enrich the natural vibe of your home. If you want to go even further, look for natural Alternatives to cleaning agents, room fragrances, and even paints. Carpets, bed sheets, and curtains with floral or other nature-inspired prints can further help you tie up the look.

One of the main complaints against keeping plants at home is that they can be a chore to manage and maintain. If this sounds like you, go for low-maintenance plants such as succulents and small cactuses. Wood material-wise, you’ll get the best results with furniture made from Teak, Mahogany, Ash, Rosewood, Maple wood, Cedar, Walnut, etc.

Final thoughts

Since nature doesn’t do duplicates, literally every natural home decor out there is gonna be one of a kind. As you know, uniqueness in itself is a sign of luxury in this age of homogeneity, where things are made in mass appeal – and that’s what makes the “green” styling so appealing.

Just piling on plants at home is not green home styling. The space is only improved when you incorporate items that speak to you on a personal level. Even better if those items are made by you or hold a personal connection to you. Even a few green pieces here and there can really transform a home & connect us better to our roots. And the best part? You can do it all under a budget!

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