Our Signatures

Furniture – A Movable Function Within A Living Space

Every piece of furniture promotes and enhance a desirable lifestyle of each individual. At Maywell, we create our signature pieces with man basic three-senses:

  • Touch~ Feel with our bare hands the natural grains left on each wooden creation.
  • Sight~ love at first sight, the amazing impression captures into our mind just by one look.
  • Smell~ Natural spice fragrance repel insects and create a natural aroma within the living space.


At Maywell, every individual piece of furniture is handcrafted from scratch. Our reliable source of raw materials and skilled carpentry workers crafted each furniture into perfection. We guaranteed solid teakwood is used for all external and internal of our finished products.

Our Commitment

At Maywell, our teakwood comes from sustainable resources, carefully crafted to minimise wastage. All products are of 100% vegan, natural material.

At Maywell, we strongly promote conservation. Maywell believes in recycling and reliving old pieces into new styles. 

We use non-toxic, environmentally friendly finishing to protect our mother earth.

Here’s a gallery showcasing some of our products, now in the homes of our happy customer.


Interested to know more about our furniture products? Please feel free to contact us.