Rattan furniture reweaving

Rattan has been widely used for making furniture such as rattan chairs, drawer chests, screen panels etc. The material used are the naturally-woven Asian palm tree stems. Due to the flexibility of these stems, they are able to be shaped and bundled to create a sturdy sitting surface. With proper care and usage, natural rattan furniture can last a long time.

Some of the common problems faced from rattan furniture is that the wicker pieces and stems tend to break or unwoven due to wear or improper handling. As a result, the integrity, stability and beauty of the furniture is compromised.

Once a rattan is damaged, the only solution is to reweave the entire furniture. This requires extremely skillful workmen to complete. At maywell, our natural rattan reweaving is handwoven from whole rattan stripes. The process is tedious and time consuming, however the durability and beauty of the completed product is inconceivable.


If your are experiencing broken or unwoven sterns or just want to replace your Rattan furniture with new Rattan, Maywell is pleased to offer our service.