Repair and Restoration

Furniture Repair, Furniture Restoration, Parquet Floor repair

We repair solid wood furniture and restore them back to radiance.

At Maywell, we believe in conserving your pre-loved wooden furniture. With over 30 years of carpentry and design experience, every piece of wood product can be repaired and restored to its original condition and radiance. You can also choose to reform your existing pieces into our latest style and finishing, uplifting the original natural grains and beauty of wooden furniture.

Our restoration process consists of restriping the entire old finishing, checking and rectifying existing defects followed by a few layers of final finishing and coating. We do not compromise the process with a fast and easy job.

Our skilled and dedicated carpentry workmen are committed to deliver the best and most satisfactory results you desired.

The following are some of the common problems concerning natural woods. We offer services to repair, rejuvenate and restore your natural wood furniture and parquet floor back to radiance, and delivering high quality services at very reasonable price to meet your needs.


Splits and cracks in wood are ruptures or separations in the grain of the wood which reduce the quality in appearance, strength, or utility. Normally such splits and cracks in wood can be classified into Resource Based, Processing Based, Changing Moisture Content Based and Use based failure.


A wood floor/parquet floor can normally last for 50 years with proper care and maintenance.  Besides taking care to keep debris from scratching the wood/parquet floor, avoiding sun damage is also important. UV rays can hit your hardwood floors for hours daily resulting in discoloration. The severe case will be a breakdown of your floor’s structural integrity.


Another common problem faced in wood and parquet floors is dent. Dents are normally caused by the impact of a sharp object onto the wood/parquet floor like dropping of a hammer on the parquet floor, or the impression made by a heavy object onto the wood for a prolonged period of time, like having a piano placed on the parquet floor for years.


There are 2 types of stains known as white stains and dark stains. Leaving a glass of ice water on a wooden table will result in the moisture penetrating into the finish, causing white stains that looks like a ring. When the water penetrates the finish wood (parquet floors), dark stains occur.


If you are facing the above issues with your furniture and/or parquet floors and need any repair services, Maywell is pleased to offer our service.